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Professor of Physiology & Cellular Biophysics and of Neuroscience

Regulation of synaptic transmission in the superficial dorsal horn.

Office: Black Building| 11th floor | Room 1109
Telephone: 212.305.3889


Current Research

Detection of different sensory modalities in the skin, such as touch, temperature, itch and pain, begins with peripheral sensory neurons that provide the connection between skin and the central nervous system. The MacDermott laboratory has focused on the spinal circuitry in the dorsal horn that receives input from these peripheral sensory neurons and maintains appropriate separation of the different sensory modalities in a healthy animal. We have also investigated physiological properties of motor neurons and other neuronal populations derived from mouse and human stem cells. Our primary approach to these studies has been through use of electrophysiology and calcium imaging. We are currently running a new facility that is part of the new Columbia Stem Cell Core Facility and are offering electrophysiology and calcium imaging as well as training for those techniques.

Selected Publications

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