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Professor of Physiology & Cellular Biophysics and Medicine

Endothelial mechanisms of lung injury using cultured cells and the optically imaged lung.


Current Research

We study the cell and molecular biology of lung inflammation by real-time fluorescence imaging and multiple other approaches. Severe, rapidly progressing lung inflammation causes the disease called Acute Lung Injury (ALI), a debilitating condition in which there is breakdown of fluid barriers separating blood from the inhaled air, causing fluid accumulation in the lung’s airspaces. The resulting respiratory failure requires respiratory support by mechanical ventilators in critical care units. It is estimated that about 250,000 people suffer from ALI in the US alone, with a mortality rate of 20-25%. Patients who survive the disease continue to have a high rate of morbidity for many years. Despite these statistics, there is really no "cure" for ALI in the sense that one cannot administer an agent that reverses the illness or blocks its progress. The available therapy continues to be supportive in that the patient's physiological deterioration is kept in check.

Prime causes of ALI are infection and sepsis. According to the WHO, lower respiratory tract infections are the fifth largest cause of death in high-income countries and the third largest cause worldwide. Other causes include gastric acid aspiration, lung barotrauma, pulmonary embolism and smoke inhalation. These conditions can be replicated in animal models, providing a means to understand basic disease mechanisms and to develop products that might be therapeutically effective in the clinical setting.

Our ongoing projects include research in immunity, fluid barriers, barrier-enhancing biologics (we have patented one biologic), surfactant secretion, water secretion, micromechanics, stem cells and macrophages. In the last three years, our publications have appeared in high-impact journals, including the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Nature Communications, Nature Medicine and Nature. Despite the competitive times for federally supported research funding, we expect our research to grow considerably in the near future.

Selected Publications

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Recent Honors

The Irene and Arthur Fishberg Prize for significant contributions to internal medicine, Columbia University.


Major Grants

Pending NHLBI, RO1HL122730-A1 (PI). Scored in 1st percentile. Proposed Project start date: 09/01/2014 Mitochondrial role in acute lung injury