Date and Place of Birth:                     November 3, 1950, Haverhill, Massachusetts


Address:                                             Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University   College of Physicians and Surgeons

                                                            New York, New York  10032



Yale College B.A., summa cum laude                                                                         1967 ‑ 1971

Harvard Medical School – Medical Student                                                                     1971 - 1973

Department of Biological Chemistry, Harvard Medical

   School – Ph.D. (Dr. E.P. Kennedy)                                                                            1973 ‑ 1976

Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of

   Technology – Postdoctoral Fellow  (Dr. H.F. Lodish)                                       1976 ‑ 1978



Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry,

   Stanford University                                                                                                     1978 ‑ 1981

Associate Professor (tenure), Department of Biochemistry,

   Stanford University                                                                                                     1981 ‑ 1984

Professor, Department of Biochemistry,

   Stanford University                                                                                                     1984 ‑ 1988

E. R. Squibb Professor of Molecular Biology,

   Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University                                                1988 ‑ 1991

Chairman, Cellular Biochemistry

   and Biophysics Program, Sloan-Kettering Institute                                            1991 – 2003

Paul A. Marks Chair and Chairman, Cellular Biochemistry

  and Biophysics Program, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center                    1991 - 2004

Vice Chairman, Sloan-Kettering Institute                                                                        1994 – 2003

Director, Chemical Biology Center and Professor, Department of

  Physiology and Cellular Biophysics,  Columbia University,

  College of Physicians and  Surgeons                                                                 2004 –

Member, Columbia Cancer Center                                                                                 2004 –

Clyde and Helen Wu Professor of Chemical Biology                                           2005 -

Director, Columbia Genome Center                                                                                2005 -


Major Honors And Awards:

The Eli Lilly Award for Fundamental Research in

   Biological Chemistry, U.S.A.                                                                           1986

The Passano Young Scientist Award, U.S.A.                                                                  1986

The Alexander Von Humboldt Award, Germany                                                 1989

The Heinrich Wieland Prize, Germany                                                                1990

Member, National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.                                                            1993

The Rosenstiel Award in Biomedical Sciences (with R. Schekman), U.S.A.                      1994

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences                                                           1994

The V.D. Mattia Award, U.S.A.                                                                                    1994

The Fritz Lipmann Award, U.S.A.                                                                                  1995

Member, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of

    Sciences, U.S.A.                                                                                                      1995

Dr. h.c., University of Regensburg, Germany                                                      1995

Foreign Associate, European Molecular Biology Organization                               1995

Mayor’s Award For Excellence in Science and Technology, New York                1995

Gairdner Foundation International Award (with R. Schekman), Canada                1996

King Faisal International Prize in Science (with G. Blobel and H. Pelham),                                                            Saudia Arabia                                                                                                  1996

The Harden Medal, U.K.                                                                                               1997

The Lounsbery Award, National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.                           1997

The Feodor Lynen Award (with G. Blobel and G. Schatz), U.S.A.                                   1997

Dr. h.c., University of Geneva, Switzerland                                                                     1997

The Jacobæus Prize, Denmark                                                                           1999

The Heineken Prize, The Netherlands                                                                 2000

The Otto-Warburg Medal, Germany                                                                               2001

The Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize (with R. Schekman), U.S.A.                              2002

The Lasker Basic Research Award (with R. Schekman), U.S.A.                         2002

Honorary Member, Japanese Biochemical Society                                                  2005



Lamport Visiting Professor, Columbia College of

   Physicians and Surgeons                                                                                             1985

Welch Foundation Lecturer, State of Texas                                                                     1987

Wellcome Foundation Lecturer, F.A.S.E.B.                                                                    1988

Proctor Lectureship in Life Sciences, University of Illinois                                               1989

Mayer Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                      1989

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science                                                                     1990

Albert Claude Lecture, European Society for Cell Biology                                                1990

Utter Lecture, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine                                               1990

The Harvey Lectures                                                                                                    1991

Nordic Molecular Biology Association Lecture                                                    1992

Gavin Borden Lecture, British Society for Cell and

   Developmental Biology                                                                                               1993

Crane Lecture, Rutgers Medical School                                                              1993

Hille Lecture in Neuroscience, Univ. of Washington                                                        1994

Lehninger Lecture, Johns Hopkins University                                                     

   School of Medicine                                                                                                     1994

Garland Lecture, University of Dundee                                                               1995

Baird Hastings Lecture, Harvard Medical School                                                            1995

Grass Foundation Distinguished Lecture, Society of        

   Neuroscience                                                                                                 1995

Distinguished Scientist Lectures, Bard College                                                    1995

Steenbock Lectures, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison                                                           1996

Hoppe-Seyler Lecture, German Biochemical Society                                                       1996

The Weizmann Memorial Lectures, Weizmann Institute, Israel                             1996

Von Neumann Memorial Lectures, The Institute            

   for Advanced Study                                                                                                    1996

Cruickshank Lecturer, Gordon Research Conference                                          1997

The Jubilee Lecture, British Biochemical Society                                                 1997

Samuel Rudin Distinguished Visiting Professor, Columbia

University College of Physicians and Surgeons                                                    1998

Life Sciences Lecturer, University of Michigan                                                   2000

Beering Award for Advancement of Biomedical Science,

  Indiana University School of Medicine                                                                  2005

Honorary Professor, Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China                      2005

Q. R. Murphy Lecture in Physiology, University of Wisconsin                              2005




Editorial Board, Molecular and Cellular Biology                                                   1982 ‑ 1984

Chairman, Gordon Conference on Molecular Membrane Biology                          1983

Board of Editors, Science                                                                                               1984 ‑ 1989

Editorial Committee, Annual Review of Biochemistry                                          1985 ‑ 1990

Editorial Board, Cell                                                                                                       1984 ‑ 1994

NIH Study Section, Molecular Cytology                                                              1990 ‑ 1994

Council, National Institute of Digestive and Kidney Diseases, NIH                                   1997 - 1999

Developmental Therapeutics Review Group, National Cancer Institute                 1997 - 1998

Board of Senior Editors, Journal of Clinical Investigation                                      2002 -

Associate Editor, Annual Review of Biochemistry                                                           2003 –








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