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Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons | Department of Physiology & Cellular Biophysics

All seminars will be held at noon in the Physiology Library (P&S 11-505) unless otherwise indicated

September 2003
02 Dr. A. Jim Hudspeth, Rockefeller University - "Making an effort to listen: mechanical amplification by novel molecular motors in the air”

16 Dr. Jonathan Epstein, University of Pennsylvania - "Transcriptional pathways in cardiac development & hypertrophy"

23 Dr. Judy L. Morris, Flinders University South Australia - "Mechanisms of co-transmission from autonomic and sensory neurons: variable involvement of SNARE proteins"

30 Dr. Rita Balice-Gordon, University of Pennsylvania - "Novel mutants in neuromuscular synaptogenesis in Zebrafish"

October 2003
14 Dr. Israel Silman, The Weizman Institute of Science - "Intrinsically unfolded proteins: A case study of cholinesterase-like adhesion molecules (CLAMS)"

21 Dr. Alex Kolodkin, The Johns Hopkins University - "Molecular mechanisms of neuronal growth cone guidance"

28 Dr. Thomas Sollner, Sloan-Kettering Institute - "Reconstitution of calcium regulated membrane fusion"

November 2003
11 Dr. Bhanu Jena, Wayne State University of Medicine - "Discovery of the Porosome: Elucidation of the Molecular Mechanism of Secretion"

18 Dr. Lance Kim, Columbia University - “Micro-scale biocomplexity captured in vitro”

25 Dr. Ira Tabas, Columbia University - "Signal transduction pathways in cholesterol-loaded macrophages: Cell biological insight into the progression of atherosclerosis"

December 2003
02 Dr. Eric Kandel, Columbia University - "Molecular Mechanisms for the Persistence of Memory Storage"

16 Dr. Webiao Gen, New York University School of Medicine, Skirball Institute - "Synaptic stability and pathology in vivo"

17 Dr. Do-Hyung Kim, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research - "Nutrient sensing and growth sontrol by TOR pathway”

18 Dr. Heini Murer, University of Zurich - "The NaPi-cotransporter: its function and regulation"

January 2004
06 Dr. Ivan Maly, Computational Biology faculty recruitment seminar - “Integrative modeling of spatial self-organization in the cytoskeleton and cell signaling"

13 Dr. Nick Grishin, University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center - “Remote homology interference: What can we learn?"

13 Dr. Jiangpeng Ma, Computational Biology faculty recruitment seminar - "Simulating, refining, and modeling supermolecular complexes at multi-resolution and multi-length scales"

15 Dr. Mark Siegel, Computational Biology faculty recruitment seminar - "Robustness and Divergence in Sex Determination and in silico"

27 Dr. Timothy Ryan, Weill Medical College of Cornell University - "Dissecting Presynaptic Function of Never Terminals"

February 2004
10 Dr. Oliver Hobert, Columbia University - "Maintenance of axonal architecture in the C. elegans nervous system"

24 Dr. Watt Webb, Cornell University - "Nonlinear Biophotonics Probing the Molecular Dynamics of Life"

March 2004
03 Dr. Bruce Colon, University of California School of Medicine - "New Fluorescent Molecules and their applications in Protein Biophysics, Physiology and Crystallography"

05 Dr. Titia Sixma, Netherlands Cancer Institute - "Ligand binding to the ACh binding protein: models for agonist binding in nicotinic acetylcholine receptors"

09 Dr. Darcy Kelly, Columbia University - "Killing me softly with his song: neural control of aggressive and courtship signaling"

23 Dr. John Lederer, University of Maryland - "Flickering light of the calcium spark in heart"

25 Dr. Colleen Clancy, Columbia University - "Mutations in cardiac ion channels and arrhythmia: Insights from theoretical models"

30 Dr. Sandy Simon, Rockefeller University - "The dynamics of molecules at the cell surface during endo- and exocytosis"

April 2004
06 Dr. Vivek Malhotra, University of California San Diego - "Regulating transport carrier formation from the Golgi apparatus and using Golgi to regulate mitotic progression"

20 Dr. Christopher Miller, Brandeis University - "Molecular Androgyny in the CLC Chloride Channel Family"

23 Dr. Christof Niers, University - "Molecular mechanism of embryonic head induction"

May 2004
12 Dr. Chih-Hao Lee, Salk Institute - "PPAR Delta: An Integrator of Lipid Metabolism and Inflammatory Control"

18 Dr. Natalie Ahn, University of Colorado Boulder - "Analyzing Signal Transduction and Disease by Functional Proteomics and Hydrogen Exchange Mass Spectrometry"

25 Dr. Steven Siegelbaum, Columbia University - "HCN1 hyperpolarization-activated channel: A Gate of learning and memory"

June 2004
04 Dr. Elizabeth Woodcock, Baker Heart Research Institute, Mebourne, Australia - "Phospholipase C signaling mechanisms in cardiac pathology"

08 Dr. Christopher Henderson, Dev. Biology Inst., Marseilles, France - "Growth, Survival and Death of Spinal Motoneurons: Normal Development as an Approach to Pathology"