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Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons | Department of Physiology & Cellular Biophysics

All seminars will be held at noon in the Physiology Library (P&S 11-505) unless otherwise indicated

September 2004
14  Dr. Geoffrey S. Pitt, Columbia University - "What a picture's worth: Biochemical and functional insights into voltage-gated channel regulation in the context of recent structural studies”

21  Dr. Andrea Califano, Columbia University - "The reverse-engineering of regulatory networks in Human B cells reveals a hierarchical, scale-free organization"

  Dr.Dr. Elaine Fuchs, The Rockefeller University - "Stem cells of the skin and their lineages"

October 2004
 11  Dr. Arthur G. Palmer III, Columbia University - "Protein Dynamics in Catalysis, Binding and Folding"

12  Dr. John Flanagan, Harvard Medical School - "Molecular mechanisms in axon guidance and neural map development"

19  Dr. Dafna Bar-Sagi, State University of New York at Stony Brook - "Ras signaling growth control”

26 Dr. Jonathan D. Goldberg, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center - "Molecular mechanisms of cargo capture into COPII vesicles"

27 Dr. Alan Tall, Tilden-Weger-Bieler - "Learning the ABCs”

November 2004
03  Dr. Wesley Grueber, Howard Hughes Medical Institute - "How do dendrites and axons take their form? Perspectives from the Drosophila peripheral nervous system"

08  Dr. David Eisenberg, Princeton University and California Institute of Technology - "Protein interactions and conformational disease"

09  Dr. Frederick H. Chang, Columbia University - "Positioning the cell division plane"

15  Dr. Alan Lambowitz, University of Texas at Austin - "Group II intron mobility by reverse splicing into DNA and it’s applications in gene targeting"

16  Dr. David Corey, Howard Hughes Medical Institute - "Transduction and adaptation by vertebrate hair cells"

23  Dr. Gregg Gundersen, Columbia University - "RHO signaling, microtubule capture and directed cell migration"

30  Dr. Lawrence C. Katz, Duke University Medical Center - "Coding the olfactory world: Insights from natural scenes"

December 2004
14  Dr. Michael Welsh, Howard Hughes Medical Institute - "Regulation of the CFTR Chloride Channel"

January 2005
10  Dr. Michael Galko, Stanford University - "Cellular and Genetic Dissection of Wound Healing in Drosophila"

11  Dr. Dan Littman, Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine - "Genetic studies of intestinal immune system development and interaction with microbes"

24 Dr. David Glass, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals - "Signaling Pathways Mediating Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy and Atrophy"

25  Dr. Fernando Nottebohm, The Rockefeller University - "New Songs, New Neurons and a Theory of Everything"

31 Dr. Paul Gray, The Salk Institute - "Molecular Genetics of Small Mammalian Circuits"

February 2005
07  Dr. Dr. Duncan Odom, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research @ MIT- "Control of Liver and Pancreas Gene Expression by Transcriptional Master Regulators"

15  Dr. Joan Massague, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center - "Cancer Metastasis Genes and Functions"

22 Dr. Ken Miller, Columbia University - "Understanding the circuitry of cat primary visual cortex"

March 2005
Dr.Dr. Michelle Jacob, Tuft's University School of Medicine - "Receptor heterogeneity and targeting to synapses in neurons in vivo"

15  Dr. Craig Thompson, University of Pennsylvania - "Why Apoptosis is not Essential: The Role of Autophagy in Homeostasis"

29 Dr. Nancy Bonini, University of Pennsylvania - "Drosphila as a model for human neurodegenerative disease"

April 2005
19  Dr. David Gadsby, Rockefeller University - "CFTR channel gating by ATP-driven changes in nucleotide-binding domain configuration"

26  Dr. Michael H. Wigler, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - "Segmental Genome Instability and Human Disease"

May 2005
24  Dr. Patrick O'Farrell, University of California, San Francisco - "How Hypoxia induced suspended animation led us to a nitric oxide mediated pathway of innate immune induction"

Dr. Marc Feldmann, University of London - "TNF: from mediator of host defense to therapeutic target"

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June 2005
13  Dr. Justin Gage Crump, University of Oregon - "The Cellular Basis for Shaping of the Zebrafish Facial Skeleton"

Dr. Michael Sheetz, Columbia University - "Cell Forces Act Locally but Signal Globally: Roles of Oncogenes and Periodic Contractions"

July 2005
12  Dr.Dr. Elias T. Spiliotis, Stanford University - "Epithelial Cell Morphogenesis: The Septin Family of GTPases"