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Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons | Department of Physiology & Cellular Biophysics

All seminars will be held at noon in the Physiology Library (P&S 11-505) unless otherwise indicated

September 2005

Dr. J. Troy Littleton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - "Retrograde signaling through postsynaptic vesicular trafficking mediates synaptic plasticity and growth in Drosophila”
9.20 Dr. Jeremy Gunawardena, Harvard Medical School - "Towards a Systems Biology of Signal Transduction”
9.27 Dr. David Sulzer, Columbia University - "The AM and FM of central dopamine neurontransmission"

October 2005
 11  Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy, Harvard University - "Synaptic Gain Control"

18  Dr. Manfred Lindau, Cornell University - "Exocytosis and transmitter release - learning from single vesicles"

25  Dr. Steven Thomas, University of Pennsylvania - "BETA-Adrenergic Signaling – a Molecular Mechanism for Memory Retrieval in the Hippocampus"

November 2005
01  Dr. Paul H. Patterson, California Institute of Technology, “Neuroimmune Interactions in Schizophrenia and Autism: an Animal Model

09  Dr. Carlos Brody, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, "Dynamical Systems in Biology: a Neural Model that combines Working Memory and Decision-Making"

15  Dr. Vasso Episkopou, Imperial College, "A Novel Mechanism to achieve TGFb Signaling Memory and Superactivation"

22  Dr. Galit Lahav, Harvard Medical School, "Digital Oscillations of p53 in Single Living Cells"

29  Dr. Josh Huang, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, "Construction and Plasticity of GABAergic Circuits in Mammalian Brain"

December 2005
13  Dr. Hugo J. Bellen, Baylor College of Medicine, “Molecular Mechanisms of Exo and Endocytosis at Synapses”

20 Dr. Ralph J. Greenspan, Professor, Neurosciences Institute (San Diego), “From Somnolence to alertness in Drosophila: The Sublime to the Ridiculous”

January 2006
09  Dr. Matthew C. Gibson, Harvard Medical School, "Epithelial Morphogenesis in Drosophila: Pattern Proliferation and Pascal's Triangle

10  Dr. Robert Malinow, Cold Spring Harbor, "Receptor trafficking during synaptic function and dysfunction"

17  Dr. Larry Abbott, Columbia University, "Re-examining the connection between synaptic plasticity and memory"

24 Dr. Bruce Bean, Harvard Medical School, "Mechanisms of Electrical Pacemaking in Central Neurons"

31 Dr. Larry Young, Emory University, "The Neurobiology and Evolution of Social Monogamy"

February 2006
14  Dr. Marla Feller, University of California San Diego

21  Dr. Ed Skolnick, NYU School of Medicine, “A lipid phosphatase that negatively regulates K channels: Myotubularin regulation of the Ca – activated K channel KCa3.1 T cell responses”

28 Dr. Brent R. Stockwell, Columbia University, "Genotype-Selective Compounds for Cancer and Neurodegeneration"

March 2006
Dr. Peter Rabinovitch, University of Washington, "Long lived mice over expressing mitochondrially targeted catalase: support for the free radical theory of aging"

21  Dr. Ravi Iyengar, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, "Analysis of Cell Signaling Networks"

28  Dr. Gary Yellen, Harvard University, Professor of Neurobiology, "Functional movements of voltage-gated ion channels"

April 2006
11   Dr. Makoto Kuro-o, University of Texas Southwestern, “Klotho as a regulator of aging and growth factor signaling”

18   Dr. Nicholas Katsanis, John Hopkins University, "The vertebrate cilium: new functions for an ancient organelle”

25   Dr. Zach Mainen, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, "How rats use odors to make decisions"

May 2006
16  Dr. Clara Franzini-Armstrong, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, "The macromolecular assembly that controls calcium release in muscle”

Dr. Brant Weinstein, National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, "Fish tales – studying vascular embryogenesis using the zebrafish"

cumc crown
30  Dr. Ken R. Chien, Harvard, Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, "Heart Like Blood: The Islet-1 Cardiovascular Progenitor Story”

June 2006
20  Dr. Aravinda Chakravarti, JHU

July 2006
13  Dr. Ai Yamamoto, Columbia University "Eliminating protein accumulation to eliminate disease: Autophagy mediated protein degradation triggered by the insulin signaling pathway"