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Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons | Department of Physiology & Cellular Biophysics

All seminars will be held at noon in the Physiology Library (P&S 11-505) unless otherwise indicated

September 2006
19   Dr. Manfred Frasch, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, "Signaling and transcriptional networks during Drosophila heart and visceral muscle development"

26  Dr. Lily Jan, University of California San Francisco," Axonal transport and local translation: ways and means for getting potassium channels to the right location"

  Dr. Nagi Ayad, The Scripps Research Institute (Florida), "High throughput screening, ubiquitin ligases, and differentiation"

October 2006
 17  Dr. Rafael Yuste, Columbia University, "Imaging the function of dendritic spines"

24  Dr. James Truman, University of Washington, "Building the adult CNS of Drosophila: neural lineages as developmental and functional units of organization"

31   Dr. Martin Chalfie, Columbia University, "A protein-lipid complex transduces touch in C. elegans”

November 2006
28  Dr. Chris Lingle, Washington University, School of Medicine, St. Louis "Two-step Inactivation in BK channels: a Novel Mechanism for Generation of Use-Dependent Afterhyperpolarizing Currents"

December 2006
12  Dr. Marnie Halpern, Department of Embryology, Carnegie Institution, "Establishing left-right asymmetry in the zebrafish brain"

January 2007
16  Dr. Charles Greer, Yale University, "Olfaction: Development and Circuits"

23  Dr. David C. Chan, California Institute of Technology, "Mitochondrial Dynamics and its Link to Neurodegeneration"

February 2007
02  Dr. Graham Warren, Yale University, "Biogenesis of the Golgi Apparatus"

13  Dr. Henry Colecraft, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, "Auxiliary b subunits as a nexus for regulating voltage-dependent calcium channels"

20 Dr. Michael McManus, University of California San Francisco, "Mammalian RNA interference pathways"

27 Dr. Michael Snyder, Yale University, "Analyze This & That: Genomes and Proteomes"

March 2007
20  Dr. Richard S. Mann, Columbia University, "Logic of transcriptional control during animal development"

27  Dr. Rolf Bodmer, Burnham Institute for Medical Research, "Congenital heart disease and arrhythmia models"

April 2007
10   Dr. Pietro De Camilli, Yale University, "Endocytosis and Phosphoinositide Signaling at Neuronal Synapses"

17   Dr. Richard Vallee, Columbia University, "Live Imaging Reveals New Roles for Dynein and LIS1 in Neuronal Migration and Differentiation"

May 2007
08  Dr. Barry Ganetzky, University of Wisconsin, "Temperature-sensitive paralytic mutants and gene discovery for neuronal signaling, development, and maintenance in Drosophila"

Dr. Virginia Cornish, Columbia University, "Co-Opting Nature's Machineries for Chemical Discovery"

cumc crown
22  Dr. Craig Jahr, Oregon Health and Science University, "Neural-glial interactions in the cerebellar cortex"

June 2007