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Professor of Physiology & Cellular Biophysics and Medicine

Endothelial mechanisms of lung injury using cultured cells and the optically imaged lung.

Office: Black Building| 8th Floor| Room 812
Telephone: 212.305.7093
Fax: 212.305.6701

Current Research

The Lung Biology Laboratory specializes in single and two-photon laser scanning microscopy of the intact lung. The overall direction is to apply real-time imaging in understanding molecular mechanisms underlying lung injury. Ongoing projects are:

• Mitochondrial regulation of lung immunity
• Immune interactions of alveolar macrophages in situ
• Lung mechanobiology of the actin fence
• Platelet-neutrophil interactions in immunity
• Protein transduction in therapy for lung injury

Selected Publications

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Recent Honors

The Irene and Arthur Fishberg Prize for significant contributions to internal medicine, Columbia University.


Major Grants

Pending NHLBI, RO1HL122730-A1 (PI). Scored in 1st percentile. Proposed Project start date: 09/01/2014 Mitochondrial role in acute lung injury